Sorry, a Trainer what? A TrainerBot is a mix between a Trainer and a ChatBot. It can look a bit strange and let us explain how we see that. First of all ChatBot may be a buzz word today or you may think that there is nothing new since Eliza.
Eliza, the first ChatBot has been developed in the 60’. Today’s ChatBots are cool, faster, smarter and even if Eliza remains the first one and we are not reinventing the wheel we are becoming more efficient, scalable and user friendly. Nowadays many enablers trigger an easier access to such technology that it makes it simpler for you to run a ChatBot on your smartphone or to get your own team of Bots. 
Let’s try it yourself and let us know if you want to discover more. Kian is still in training. You can ask him basic questions to introduce each other, and ask him other questions on: What is a Cryptocurrency? What is Cryptography? What is a Digital Asset? What is Bitcoin? What is Ethereum? What is a Smart Contract? Who and When Bitcoin? What example of other cryptocurrencies? And have a human-like conversation with him…it.

Along with our eLearning creation solution, Kian will help you to provide a simpler and more impactful new joiner on-boarding process, provide an individual training on your complex procedure, Improving employee’s retention and impacts.

How to simply create a Powerful chatbot in 1 minute and to make it useful in 10 minutes

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