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Designed by Industry Experts, modeling the curriculum of Master’s Degree in Instructional Design.

Fast-track learning to accommodate your busy schedule.

Bit-sized eLearnings, assessments, medias, assignments, collaborative work, to complete at your own pace.

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A fresh Learning Experience

Along your Learning Journey with EdTech Club, you will discover new ways of working and collaborating.
This is a practical way to learn and to pick these new ideas for your own projects!

Designed to Accommodate Your Busy Schedule


Study at your own pace: you’ll never be late for class or miss a deadline.

Flexible Learning

Learn anytime, anywhere.

Expert Advisory

Get direct answers on your specific interests by asking our industry experts.

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David Daoud

Digital Transformation

Entrepreneur mindset

David is passionate about human relations, and more especially everything related to Learning. This drove him since the beginning. Strong of his 20+ years of international experience, David worked on various international organizational and IT projects across Europe and Asia.

David has a consulting and entrepreneur background, across several industries, with a deep experience in the financial industry gained during several years mostly working with banks on their continuous improvement and digital transformation initiatives. His areas of expertise are about Continuous Improvement applied to everything going from his personal life to his professional experience and Life Long Learning.

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