How Does a Hedge Fund Really Work?

Many courses exist to help you understand hedge fund strategies, portfolio management, trading techniques etc.  But what they don’t cover is how a hedge fund actually works. In this course, we help you to understand how hedge funds are structured, some popular strategies, who invests in them, who does what both internally and externally, technology […]

Introduction to Investment Banking

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Synthesis of the course This course aims to define Investment Banking and identify its services offered and structure. Description The world’s economy is facilitated by a sophisticated and intricate framework of financial services. A lot of these services are provided by a few, large financial institutions, i.e. ‘investment banks’. Thus, investment banks occupy a pivotal […]

New Generation of Faster Payment Systems

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Synthesis of the course Faster Payment System (FPS) is a real-time payment service platform which provides full connectivity between banks, enabling customers with a round-the-clock fund transfer experience. Description FPS is put in place to achieve the following objectives: Enhancing payment convenience and efficiency Providing an open platform for payment service providers Strengthening financial stability […]

Understanding FinTech

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Synthesis of the course This course aims to provide an overview of FinTech by discussing its origins, evolution, products and services, key players, and figures and trends. This course features various Subject Matter Experts sharing their views on key FinTech topics. Description FinTech is a very broad sector with a long history.  Technology has always […]