Creative and Design Thinking to boost Innovation

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Includes 90 days access

Course Overview

Synthesis of the course
We can say that creativity involves the generation of new ideas or the recombination of known elements into something new, providing valuable solutions to a problem. It also involves motivation and emotion. It involves not only a cognitive dimension (the generation of new ideas) but also motivation and emotion and is closely linked to cultural context and personality factors.”

Creativity is present in everyone. It can be learned, practiced and developed by the use of proven techniques which, enhancing and stimulating the creative abilities, to enable people to consider a wide range of alternatives and to improve productivity and quality of work.

What you get

  1. Develop your problem-solving skills – learn how to tackle any issue you are faced with a fresh, new angle.
  2. Generate new ideas by using different techniques to produce many new ideas quickly and effectively.
  3. Take your business forward – innovative thinking to develop a competitive edge.
  4. Save time by understanding how to release your creativity: stop spending hours laboring over problems.
  5. Improve team morale and see how you can all contribute and feel empowered.


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate from Elearn2grow.



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