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Course Overview


Change management looks at how we prepare, outfit, and support employees to adapt to change in their organizations.  Change management is the systematic process of helping individuals and your organization transition from the current state to the desired state. In this fast-changing environment, change management skills are paramount if you wish to succeed. No matter your job, you must learn to manage change. Taking charge of change causes you to foresee and plan for your next experiences.


1.       Why do you need to learn Change Management?

  • A.      Module Introduction
  • B.      Change is constant
  • C.      It Increases the Odds of Success
  • D.      Managers’ Reactions to Change, Mirror Employees’ Reactions
  • E.       It Reduces the Negative Outcomes of Change
  • F.       You’ll Acquire New Skills

2.       What is Change Management?

  • A.       Definition
  • B.      Types of Change to Manage

3.       Key Skills for Effective Change Management and How to Improve Them

  • A.       Module Introduction
  • B.      Focus on your Leadership Skills
  • C.      Target each Business Group
  • D.      Communicate
  • E.       Expect an Anticipate Resistance
  • F.       Implementing Change Takes Time

4.       Change Management Best Practices

5.       Course Assessment

6.       Key Learnings

What you get

  1. Define Change Management
  2. Identify the benefits of effective Change Management
  3. Determine the key skills needed for effective Change Management
  4. Identify Change Management Best Practices


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate from Elearn2grow.

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