Business Ethics

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Course Overview

Synthesis of the course

This course focuses on the definition, importance, and features of Business Ethics.  It also discusses the difference between business ethics and ethical business and how to start business ethics in your organization.


Ethics concern an individual’s moral judgments about right and wrong. Decisions taken within an organization may be made by individuals or groups, but whoever makes them will be influenced by the culture of the company. The decision to behave ethically is a moral one; employees must decide what they think is the right course of action. This may involve rejecting the route that would lead to the biggest short-term profit.


1.       Course Objectives

2.       What is Business Ethics?

  • A.      Definition
  • B.      Business Ethics Features / Characteristics
  • C.      Difference between Business Ethics and Ethical Business

3.       Why is Business Ethics important?

  • A.      Reasons why Business Ethics is important
  • B.      How can your organization start to address Business Ethics?

4.       Business Ethics

  • A.      Ethics in Leadership
  • B.      Employee Ethics

5.       Course Assessment

6.       Key Learnings

What you get

  1. Define Business Ethics
  2. Differentiate between Business Ethics and Ethical Business
  3. Understand the importance of Business Ethics
  4. Learn how to build a strong ethical business culture


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate from Elearn2grow.

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