Basic Body Language

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Course Overview

Synthesis of the course

This course aims to discuss the definition, importance and techniques for effective body language.


Body language is everything from our facial expressions, to eye contact, to our gestures, stance, and posture. While the nuances of body language are complicated, there are some common body language signs worth a thousand words.


1.       Course Objectives

2.       Why do you need to learn body language?

  • A.       Module Introduction
  • B.      Body Language Benefits

3.       Body Language

  • A.      What is Body Language

4.       Body Language Basics

  • A. Module Introduction
  • B.      Handshakes
  • C.      Synchrony
  • D.      Posture
  • E.       Eye Contact
  • F.       Inclining Body
  • i.      Crossing Legs
  • G.      Smiling
  • H.      Deceit vs. Honesty
  • I.         Crossed Arms
  • J.        Touching Hair

5.       Course Assessment

6.       Key Learnings

What you get

  1. Define body language
  2. Understand why you need to learn body language
  3. Learn basic effective body language


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate from Elearn2grow.

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