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E-learning strategies for right implementation and delivery

Learning Strategies

Organizations come up with numerous plans and strategies to boost their learning initiatives for their employees. Among them, e-learning, become the popular choice to support individual competencies and positively impact individual and organizational performance. What is e-learning? According to Learn Upon, e-learning is the delivery of learning and training through digital resources. It is training, […]

Bring Your Ideas to Life: Develop your Creativity and Design Thinking superpowers (Awareness for everyone)

This is an ONLINE training with a duration of 60 minutes provided by David Daoud, 23k followers in LinkedIn and founder of eLearn2grow, 5 stars rated company on Google Reviews. #entrepreneurship #creativity #leadership #success #innovation Learn and Develop your Agility, Creativity and Design Thinking superpowers to solve real business problems. Knowledge and experience are brought […]