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elearn2grow training
elearn2grow training
elearn2grow training

Performance and Results

How to align employee training, learning and business performance with clear results? Our aim is to help you to get the best results and to measure it.

elearn2grow training

Cost effective

We leverage on your existing training materials and SMEs knowledge to help you save substantial part of your budget. If not possible we will help you to meet your digital learning strategy at the lowest cost possible.

elearn2grow training

Time to Market

We adopt an agile and design thinking based approach which is helping to shorten the time to market. Our only objective is to meet your deadlines.

elearn2grow training

Deliveries in any languages

We provide best in class eLearnings in any languages with the aim of supporting Learning of everyone without boundaries and languages constraints. To keep the high level of expertise we are dealing with several vendors for eLearning and translations.

elearn2grow training

Analysis and Project Management

With 18+ years experience in Business Analysis and Project Management, We are used to work under pressure and to manage multiple tasks, satisfy multiple needs, accross multiple locations and time-zones.

elearn2grow training

We are from the corporate training and Learning & Development backgrounds.

The challenges we faced are those you are facing every day.

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Just click the options that are the most suitable to your current need and our eLearning pricing tool will do the rest! Any doubt? Don’t worry, just contact us and we will support you in defining your needs.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the premier training and eLearning development services provider of industry-disrupting startups, Small and Medium Enterprises and large corporations by accompanying them in their Learning digital transformation journey with an affordable price and agile fast deliveries.

Our mission is to help organizations shift paradigms through leveraging on digital innovation and creativity by:

  • boosting team creativity through innovative learning solutions
  • improving employee performance measured on key metrics
  • selecting appropriate information to adjust to fast-paced environments

eLearn2grow ecosystem means: 500+ projects to serve up to 100,000 employees for 25+ clients worldwide. They trust us, you can trust us too.

And, You know what? We recently helped our client to save up to 1000 hours by year of Instructor Led Trainings (ILT) with 1 course converted into eLearnings distributed to up to 5000+ employees in Asia

Our Solutions

ELearn2grow redefines the Learning landscape with its suite of cutting edge services that improve team engagement, create disruptive digital transformation, and provide professional advice.

Your Instructor Led Training to Digital eLearning

We transform your Instructor-led Training material (PowerPoint document, any Standard Operating Procedure, guides etc…) into an engaging and interactive eLearning course.

And we can go further. If needed we will boost your Learning curriculum by reimagining it to fully leverage on the power of Digital.

The objective is to equip you with the best learning experience to keep your employees or clients engaged and motivated.

We can help you with the end to end journey by covering the analysis, definition, design, implementation and evaluation of each project.

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elearn2grow training
elearn2grow training

Conversion of your Legacy courses into modern formats

Some of your eLearnings have been designed some years ago. Even if the content may still be up to date, this remains a legacy course created in Flash or any other authoring tool.
We can always retrieve existing content and digital assets; Review the content, refresh it based on your inputs and with additional researches. Then we will leverage on our designers’ tool to embellish the design, the improve the interactivity and overall attractiveness to make them compatible with multiple devices.
​This is also the opportunity for you to breakdown a lengthy eLearning to smaller pieces, more compliant for mobile learning and new fast pace learning experience.
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eLearning Translations to 20+ languages

eLearning Translations to 20+ languages
Do you have a regional or global reach? Are your employees or clients more comfortable with a language that isn’t English?
Don’t worry, we can translate your eLearning to multiple languages. We can translate your English language eLearning courses into 20+ international languages.
​To do so, we are partnering with several subject matter experts and translators in various domains. The advantage for you is that we remain your single point of contact for content creation, design and Translation.
Don’t bother and stop duplicating yourself between several providers for each activity. We take care of you.
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elearn2grow training

Creative and Design Thinking Training series (ILT)

This training series will maximize the return on your innovation training investment, by combining creative thinking skills training with the opportunity for team building.
If you need to bring fresh thinking to bear on real business challenges, then this is the programme for you to:
  • Develop your problem-solving skills – learn how to tackle any issue you are faced with a fresh, new angle.
  • Generate new ideas by using different techniques to produce many new ideas quickly and effectively.
  • Take your business forward – innovative thinking to develop a competitive edge.
  • Save time by understanding how to release your creativity: stop spending hours labouring over problems.
  • Improve team morale and see how you can all contribute and feel empowered.
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Digital Learning Experience

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