It is inevitable that you are receiving feedback in the workplace. Learning how to effectively take and respond to any feedback given to you is an important skill to learn to thrive in the workplace.

Here are a seven tips on receiving feedback like a pro.

1. Stop your first reaction

It is human nature to react negatively when being told something negative about oneself. Stop that initial reaction! That initial reaction can come in the form of a facial expression or a reactive quip that might communicate that you are not open to receiving the feedback being given.

2. Don’t take it personally

Remind yourself not to take the feedback personally. It is being given to you with the intention to helping you improve yourself, so take it fully. Also don’t hold grudges against the person giving the feedback. Think of the feedback not as an attack against you, but a means for you to improve yourself.

3. Listen to understand, not to react

When receiving feedback, take a step back and listen first. Listen to understand the feedback and not to react or defend yourself.

4. Ask questions

Once you’ve listened to the feedback, ask questions to clarify and expound on the situation being given feedback on. This will help you better understand the rationale behind the feedback. Asking questions will also convey that you are interested in the feedback being given to you.

5. Summarize the feedback

Once you’ve clarified all the details of the feedback you are receiving, summarize it to ensure that you’ve understood all the details. This will allow you and the person giving the feedback to make sure you’re both on the same page.

6. Circle back

Set up time to circle back some time after the feedback was given to get even more feedback on whether or not you have addressed the issue or changed the behavior in question. This will ensure that the behavior isn’t repeated and that you’ve honestly taken in and learned from the feedback given.

7. Learn from the criticism

Last but not the least, learn from the feedback! The best thing to do when being given feedback is to learn from it, address the issue positively and constructively, and not repeat the negative behavior again.

These seven tips may be easier said than done but with constant practice and a mindset that accepts feedback positively, you’re on your way to success!

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