Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, once said that “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.” Thus, the learning and development program has never been more important especially in modernizing an organizational process.

Key Points:

  • eLearning is beneficial to employees because it is cost-effective, self-paced, does not disrupt workflow, lessens learning time, improves retention, extensive, gives immediate feedback, addresses varied learning styles, flexible, and learner-centered.
  • IBM saved itself about $200 million by using technology-based distance learning for computer training, management development, and new product information for its sales force.
  • 94% of employees would stay longer at a company that invests in their careers.

Learning and development program benefits not only the institution, company, or organization, but also the employees. eLearning stats reveal that 68% of employees prefer when learning takes place in the workplace.

This is why we’re giving you ten benefits of eLearning to employees and why you need to invest in giving them the best online courses.

1.  It is cost-effective.

Conducting a traditional face-to-face training can be costly since you are going to allot a budget for travel, accommodation, meals, venue rental or maintenance, speaker’s salaries, and material reproduction.

For eLearning, employees will just access their courses using their computers or mobile phones. That’s a significant cut in other operational expenses!

An article from the Washington Post revealed that IBM saved itself about $200 million by using technology-based distance learning for computer training, management development, and new product information for its sales force.

Also, another reason why eLearning is cost-effective is that companies can re-use eLearning courses over and over again.

2.  It is self-paced.

Employees have different levels of experience, knowledge, learning abilities, or skill. Others don’t need an introduction or other preliminary information; others need to read everything to absorb all information before they become confident of their learnings.

One advantage of online learning and development program is that it is self-paced. Students can learn at their own pace and are not pressured to cope up with the other participants. 

3.  It does not disrupt workflow.

For traditional face-to-face training, participants need to leave their stations to attend the training. On the other hand, eLearning allows employees to access training online whenever they need it, without interfering with their workflow.

4.  It lessens learning time.

Forbes mentioned that eLearning typically requires 40% to 60% less time learning the same material in a traditional classroom setting.

How does eLearning lessen the learning time? Traditional training is usually disrupted by unnecessary activities, not to mention breaks in between sessions. On the other hand, online training and development enable the course participants to learn as quickly as possible at their own time and speed.

5.  It improves knowledge retention.

The research found that eLearning increases retention rates by 25% to 60% while retention rates of face-to-face training are meager compared to 8% to 10%.

LMS Gamification is a great way to help learners develop their retention. Online courses also provide additional resources in different forms like videos, manuals, infographics, podcasts, or PDF copies. These learning supports help the learners absorb and retain pieces of information better.

6.  It is extensive.

Face-to-face training and development can only accommodate a specific number of participants depending on the size of the venue and the financial capability.

That cannot be true with eLearning because it does not have a limit on how many participants can take the course.

7.  It gives immediate feedback.

Feedback is critical in learning. It is the process of correcting or evaluating an action or event.

When learners do not receive appropriate input at the proper time, they might take a wrong turn.

Imagine someone taking a writing course without anyone giving relevant comments on the writing outputs. In the end, the learner might believe he’s doing the correct thing even if he’s not.

Giving timely feedback is one great feature of an online course. When a learner chooses the wrong answer, he can be immediately notified. This feedback will prompt him to review the concept until he gets it right.

8.  It addresses different learning styles.

Employees learn in different ways – it can be through reading, viewing, listening, discussing, experimenting, etc. Other learners also prefer learning while listening to music, under the trees, talking with someone, and others.

These are the different learning styles of every employee. Others have a combination of these learning styles, but everyone has a unique way of learning.

An online course can address almost all of these learning styles because employees can access different forms of information like videos, audios, written texts, and others.

Employees who learn by talking with other people can use the discussion or forum page. Those who learn by following detailed directions can also access instructional videos. 

There are many possible ways to learn when using a digital learning platform.

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9.  It is flexible.

One of the primary reasons why people turn to online learning is its flexibility. One does not need to go to a particular venue to learn or postpone a family vacation to attend a one-week training.

Because it is flexible, this type of training and development can boost employees’ morale. They can access the material without sacrificing or changing their lifestyles.

10. It is learner-centered.

Online learning empowers every employee. Unlike traditional lecturer-centered training, eLearning gives the employees the power to learn on their own and enhance their knowledge and skills while performing their company roles.

These corporate trainings make them more competitive and confident in the workplace. If the company gives enough and appropriate online courses, no employees will be left behind.

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