Writing skills seem to be easy to learn but it requires a lot of practice and dedication. Not everybody can articulate their thoughts clearly through writing making writing skills a vital factor for employers to look for in every applicant especially for higher management roles.

Learn how to better express your thoughts through written communication with these quick tips:

1. Know your goals

As in anything else, it is important to know your goals or objectives when you are about to communicate in written form. Knowing this will know what your content will be.

2. Know your audience

Aside from your goals, it is also equally important to know your audience, or who will be reading what you will be writing. Knowing this will allow you to know how to frame your content.

3. Organization and flow

When you are writing about a lot of things, of a wide topic, it is helpful to create an outline of what you want to discuss. This will help you put together the content and allow you to organize the flow of the message.

4. Grammar and spelling

You may have great content and a great topic but if you have bad grammar and spelling, these will get in the way of effectively communicating your message. Avoid misunderstandings by making sure your grammar and spelling are in check.

5. Keep it simple

The tendency to use a lot of complex terms is tempting in order to sound intelligent. But in fact, the simpler your words, the simpler your writing style, the easier it will be to understand and appreciate your message.

6. Get feedback

If you are not confident with what you have written, have someone you trust read it first and give feedback before you hit the send button. It never hurts to get a second opinion.

Practice makes perfect with writing skills. The more practice you get, the more feedback you get, the better and more confident you will get at writing!

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