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What is Educational Technology?

Educational Technology

The definition of Educational Technology has changed through the years as learning processes, as a conceptual framework, as theory and practice and the latest as study and ethical practices of dealing with technological processes and resources. Today Educational Technology or EdTech can be defined as the theory and practice of design, development, utilization, management and […]

Business Growth Hack: Developing Corporate Courses

Technology continues to transform the business landscape and you should also be taking steps forward by fine tuning your business process especially the human capital aspect. The growth of a company is dependent on its strategy on how to keep up with the changes internally and externally. Growth hacking a business should start by understanding […]

Top 3 CEOs’ Tips for Effective Employees Training and Development

Whаt is Training and Development? It’ѕ іntriguing to realize hоw ѕо mаnу оf uѕ gо thrоugh the tedious academic process but with such as poor undеrѕtаndіng оf T&D. Learning is the main element of training and development process especially in the corporate setting. Every company whatever the size is, should implement a strategic approach in […]