10 Traits of a sought after domestic worker

Traits or skills that employers look for when hiring domestic workers.

Being a domestic worker is a big responsibility.  You take care of the household and children or elderly if there are any.  You are left alone in the house the whole day to manage your time and tasks.  And that is why employers can be very picky when choosing domestic workers to work for them.  Also, they want to make sure that the person they are getting will be a right fit for their household and family since you will somehow to be part of their family living in their household and taking care of the members of the family.

According to HelperPlace, there are 10 traits or skills that employers look for when hiring domestic workers. 

Read on to learn more about what employers want in their domestic workers. 

Reliability and Trustworthiness

Parents rely on domestic workers to take care of their children and their household.  You must be reliable, someone they can depend on to do what needs to be done, and trustworthy, someone they can entrust their household to.  Then, be someone they can entrust their children or elderly to, that you won’t hurt them and will take care of them.  You must also be trustworthy enough for them to feel comfortable to leave their valuables with you.

Academic Skills

Having a certificate in childcare or domestic work is an advantage that employers look for in their workers.  Other employers require at least a high school diploma.  Whether you have a diploma or a certificate, this will still prove to be a plus towards getting hired as a domestic worker.

First Aid

Knowledge in first aid is a plus for a domestic worker, specifically for nannies taking care of children.  Knowing how to administer CPR and treat burns and wounds are skills that are attractive to employers.

Communication Skills

Knowing how to communicate effectively with your employers is key in making sure you both understand each other.  Most of the time, you will have a different native language from that of your employer, knowing basic conversational English will be very helpful in communicating effectively with your employer.

Background Check

Domestic workers should provide the necessary background information and previous employer references to help prove their identity and capabilities.  Keeping your record clean as you move from one employer to another is important in building your good reputation as a domestic worker.

Problem Solving Skills

They (Domestic workers) should be able to solve problems that arise in the household.  Since you are left at home alone during most of the day, you should be able to effectively and efficiently solve the problems that come your way.  Having emergency phone numbers handy is one way to ensure that you will be able to contact your employers should a crisis arise.

Active Listening

Actively listening to your employers and the children or elderly that you are taking care of is an important skill that will help you make your work easier.  Also being able to listen attentively to instructions being given to you by your employers is a skill that you must develop in order to be more effective at your job.

Collaboration and Influential Skills

Being able to work well with the other members of the household that you are working for will ensure good working relations.  If there is more than one domestic worker in the household, you will have to learn to live and work harmoniously with the others domestic workers.   Be proactive in telling your employers what happens when they are not around, informing them of any important issues that arise in their absence.

Respectful and Well-Mannered

Show good manners and respectful behavior at all times as you are also a role model to the children you are taking care of.  Being respectful and well-mannered will also allow for you to live and work harmoniously with your employers.

Personal Hygiene and healthcare

Be sure to keep yourself clean and healthy at all times.  Aside from that, keep your surroundings clean at all times as this is part of your job as well.

Having all these traits or skills will definitely make you a sought after domestic worker and increase your chances of getting hired for long term. 

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