French Tech HK: Fintech Outlook, Artificial Intelligence & related domains

Every two months, La French Tech Hong Kong, E-learn2grow and Maltem Asia bring you the latest trends and news of the Fintech scene in Hong Kong.

Previous, held in January, was dedicated to the Blockchain, main “real-live applications” and key challenges (Fintech Outlook and Blockchain major trends). On March 16th, we focused on the exciting opportunities created by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robot and other related domains (Detailled agenda is available here in pdf version)

Artificial Intelligence, the reality behind the words

Now, for this event, our speakers took some time to go through Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other key related domains: What does Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language processing, RPA mean? Is there a confusion in the words, more and more used today? What is the panorama of Machine Learning applications and Trends? What human can do but robot cannot do?

There is lot of buzz around AI, Machine Learning, Robot, Chatbot…What is that? Do we really need It? What is the real added-value? What are the major risks, what are the limits in terms of ethics?

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