ELearn2grow Digital Learning Agency of international experts (speaking English, French, Chinese, Arabic) combines Strategy, Content and Technology to create integrated Learning Solutions to meet organizational needs, including Course Production (eLearning) and the installation, hosting and customization of your own Learning Management System

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ELearn2grow ambition is to redefine the Learning landscape with its suite of cutting edge services that improve team engagement, create disruptive digital transformation, and provide professional advice. Join our corporate customers and enjoy our quality of services, and fast & cost effective deliveries!

Digital Learning Experience

Strategy: Establishing your Learning & Development Strategy to help you to meet your business objectives, mitigate risks, achieve efficiency and reduce costs

Content: Content solutions on Instructional Design, course production, delivery methods and channels

Technology : The right Learning and Development technologies to effectively maintain your competitive advantage and keep learners engaged

We help you with...

Integrated Solutions: A strategic LMS choice for your organisation, L&D Managed Services and more…

Our LMS specialists will evaluate all the options in the Learning Management System market based upon your needs and expectations (cost, features, scalability, and more). We will then match your needs with LMS vendor(s) who meet your criteria. Depends on your needs and level of customization, a standard and cost effective solution could be the best rather than going to a complex implementation requiring more time and budget.

The objectives is to define together your key expectations related to: Training Requirements; Implementation Details; Budget and Planning; Content; Users and Data.

Whatever LMS you choose, we provide a one-off and all-in-one Package including audit and needs assessment, recommendations, set up and basic customizations of your LMS.

Additionally, If you don’t have a dedicated resource to manage your Learning Manage System and your Learning & Development processes (content upload, user enrolment and management reporting, continuous adaptations, ad’hoc requests) we will provide a flexible L&D and / or LMS Managed services.

We will also provide additional value-added services for a more tailored learning platform, eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Website Design & Development…

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Conversion of your Legacy courses into modern formats

Some of your eLearnings have been designed some years ago. Even if the content may still be up to date, this remains a legacy course created in Flash or any other authoring tool.
We can always retrieve existing content and digital assets; Review the content, refresh it based on your inputs and with additional researches. Then we will leverage on our designers’ tool to embellish the design, the improve the interactivity and overall attractiveness to make them compatible with multiple devices.
​This is also the opportunity for you to breakdown a lengthy eLearning to smaller pieces, more compliant for mobile learning and new fast pace learning experience.
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Your Instructor Led Training to Digital eLearning

We transform your Instructor-led Training material (PowerPoint document, any Standard Operating Procedure, guides etc…) into an engaging and interactive eLearning course.

And we can go further. If needed we will boost your Learning curriculum by reimagining it to fully leverage on the power of Digital.

The objective is to equip you with the best learning experience to keep your employees or clients engaged and motivated.

We can help you with the end to end journey by covering the analysis, definition, design, implementation and evaluation of each project.

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Motion Graphic Design Video, Audio and Animation

From design to production, a talented team of artists, writers, and graphic developers join forces with you at every step of the way.
A dynamic scene, a moving image, and a perfectly synchronized sound effect attract everyone attention.
Today, in the learning world, attention means retention and emotions makes the experience never forgotten.
Video, audio, and animation bring concepts to life, whether seeing a new skill played out in a scenario, hearing a company message from a peer, or interacting with object
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eLearning Translations to 20+ languages

Do you have a regional or global reach? Are your employees or clients more comfortable with a language that isn’t English?
Don’t worry, we can translate your eLearning to multiple languages. We can translate your English language eLearning courses into 20+ international languages.
​To do so, we are partnering with several subject matter experts and translators in various domains. The advantage for you is that we remain your single point of contact for content creation, design and Translation.
Don’t bother and stop duplicating yourself between several providers for each activity. We take care of you.
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Whether you are a Startup, a SME or a Corporate, Get the most in-demand skills to support your employees to succeed in their professional journey with unlimited access to courses on eLearn2grow.Academy (White Labelling and Lifetime licence available)

Welcome to the EdTech Club

EdTech Club is an independent and private members community based in Hong Kong and founded by David Daoud, Founder & CEO at eLearn2grow and eLearn2grow.Academy. Our membership is drawn from the Educational sector including Corporates, VC, Start-ups and Entrepreneurs, Academia.
We host public and closed-door meetings and exclusive networking nights by bringing people together around our community of CEO’s, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts, who share a common goal of solving some of the biggest challenges in Education and Learning Industries through Technology.

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The Workplace of Tomorrow Powered By EdTech Conference

The Workplace of tomorrow powered by EdTech: This conference-workshop has been hosted at Societe Generale on 30th May 2019 and organized by David Daoud from eLearn2grow for the EdTech Community of Hong Kong with the support of La French Tech Hong Kong & Shenzhen.

Learning is the new Tech Conference

The Global Education is a 6 Trillions USD market. But Only 3% allocated to Digital and Edtech, which put the Education at the rank of Dinausaurs compare to Media, IT, Finance…
BUT the good news is that things are changing: VC Investments in EDTECH are 8 Billions USD in 2018 versus 4 Billions in 2017, many opportunities and money in that space in the coming years. The next big things in EdTech are Immersive Experiences (AR, VR, 360 exp…), AI / NLP / Big Data and Mobile Learning and why not a mix of the 3.
The workplace of tomorrow and new generations must learn to learn to adapt and adopt new technologies, new methodologies and mindsets