What Do We Do?

Banking, Insurance, Media, e-Commerce, HR & Diversity, Governments and much more industries we served over the last years. We delivered projects in

Business and Digital Transformation:

Business Analysts, Project Managers, PMO, Program Manager, Product Owner and other experts from the Business and IT Consulting worlds (Data Engineer, Architect, Scientist, Developers, ERP, Warehouse, IT support and maintenance..)

Change Management:

We support you mapping your business needs, processes and existing related knowledge management capability. We provide recommendations for improvement and support to implement the prioritized improvements

Corporate Trainings and Digital Learning:

Our trainers in Design Thinking, Creativity, Problem Solving, Continuous Improvement, Agile methodologies and experts in Digital Learning: Instructional Designers able to design and develop any digital learning content

David Daoud, Founder eLearn2grow and Principal Consultant

“I believe that Continuous Improvement must be at the centre of all initiatives.

Continuous Improvement is the concept at the core of most of the existing methodologies such as Design Thinking, Agile, Project Management etc…All are based on the PDCA concept (Plan Do Check Act).

This is a systematic approach that drives most of the things we know in an organization keeping in mind the central place of the client (whether internal or external client). This is why we talk about Client Centricity.

Continuous Improvement also emphasize the critical role of your people, the need to keep them trained and motivated. At eLearn2grow we developed, for several years already, Change Management, Corporate Training and Digital Learning services for our clients’ people.”

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Are you looking for off-the-shelf eLearnings that we can customize to your company brand (with a lifetime licensing and white labelling)? We have a catalogue of 70+ eLearnings and Animated videos.

We have served


Small and Medium Enterprises

Public Organizations

Training Organizations


Over the last years, we have addressed almost all facets of corporate needs:

Leadership and Stakeholders Management

Legal, Operational Risks and Compliance

Client and Business Centric approaches

Business and Digital Transformation

Business Analysis, Project and Program Management, PMO

Strategy and Change Management

Continuous Improvement

Corporate Training and Digital Learning

Industries Covered

We are expert in delivering services meeting your expectations.

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ELearn2grow aims to deliver an innovative approach in transforming the way how people work and learn.

We uphold quality of our services with uncompromising speed of delivery.

  • Business Analysis, Project & Program Management, PMO
  • IT Consulting including Data Specialists (Engineer, Architect, Scientist, Analysts), Full Stack Developers, IT Support and Maintenance
  • Operations and Analysts (KYC…)
  • Corporate Trainers and Digital Learning
  • Project Based or Resources Augmentation

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