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ELearn2grow aims to deliver an innovative approach in transforming the way how people learn and absorb instructional processes in a corporate setting. We uphold quality of our services with cost-efficient and uncompromising speed of delivery.

Digital Learning Experience

Strategy: A deep dive approach to establish your corporate instructional and learning objectives. Strategies are guaranteed to mitigate risks, reduce costs, and achieve the expected goal.

Powerful Content: Our processed contents delivers a better learning experience with higher retention rate and critical-thinking boost.

Technology: The use of technology to produce highly engaging courses, lessons, and instructional designs for a promising retention and effective learning experience.

We help you with...

Fully Customized Approach to Meet Your Corporate Needs

  • Strategic eLearning and Instructional Design Management
  • LMS Selection and Setup
  • Other value-added services: e-Commerce, Digital Marketing, etc.


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Reviving Your Legacy Courses and Contents

  • Converting your old and outdated courses into modern formats by transforming the way you present the design and content.
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Putting More Power to Your Learning Tools

  • Converting your existing Learning Materials from their existing forms such as PowerPoint, Standard Operating Procedures, Instructions and Guides, etc. into a more interactive and engaging eLearning formats like that of powerful courses and eLearning designs.
  • Developing and transforming your own digital learning process.
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Creative Way to Present Your Content

  • Our talented team of artists, writers and graphic designers can improve your way of presenting your content with a touch of creativity!
  • We specialize in transforming contents to motion graphic video, audio, and other animation layouts for a fun, exciting, and effective learning experience.
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eLearning Content Translations

  • Expand your global reach by translating your content to 20+ languages depending on your target.
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Whether you are a Startup, a SME or a Corporate, Get the most in-demand skills to support your employees to succeed in their professional journey with unlimited access to courses on eLearn2grow.Academy (White Labelling and Lifetime licence available)

Welcome to the EdTech Club

EdTech Club is an independent and private members community based in Hong Kong and founded by David Daoud, Founder & CEO at eLearn2grow and eLearn2grow.Academy. Our membership is drawn from the Educational sector including Corporates, VC, Start-ups and Entrepreneurs, Academia.
We host public and closed-door meetings and exclusive networking nights by bringing people together around our community of CEO’s, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts, who share a common goal of solving some of the biggest challenges in Education and Learning Industries through Technology.

Latest From Blog

The Workplace of Tomorrow Powered By EdTech Conference

The Workplace of tomorrow powered by EdTech: This conference-workshop has been hosted at Societe Generale on 30th May 2019 and organized by David Daoud from eLearn2grow for the EdTech Community of Hong Kong with the support of La French Tech Hong Kong & Shenzhen.

Learning is the new Tech Conference

The Global Education is a 6 Trillions USD market. But Only 3% allocated to Digital and Edtech, which put the Education at the rank of Dinausaurs compare to Media, IT, Finance…
BUT the good news is that things are changing: VC Investments in EDTECH are 8 Billions USD in 2018 versus 4 Billions in 2017, many opportunities and money in that space in the coming years. The next big things in EdTech are Immersive Experiences (AR, VR, 360 exp…), AI / NLP / Big Data and Mobile Learning and why not a mix of the 3.
The workplace of tomorrow and new generations must learn to learn to adapt and adopt new technologies, new methodologies and mindsets